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SFM pendrive classes


SFM pendrive classes for CA final

sfm pendrive classes by KP sir

sfm pendrive classes by KP sir

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 sfm pendrive classes by KP sir  with most exhaustive coverage

sfm pendrive classes by KP sir

Direct tax pendrive classes for CA final

important topics

cafinal sfm sfm nov 2018 kp sir


1. Inverse rate & cross rate - bank delays to submit documents sum

2. Currency dealing - profit/ loss computation on squaring off position

3. Analysis of forward cover 

4. Currency futures for hedging 

5. Currency options for hedging

6. EVA & MVA computation 

7. DDM - constant growth model

8. Mergers - Abhiman & Abhishek Limited sum [master problem]

9. T ltd & E ltd sum(mergers) - from our mat 

10. Merger of banks

11. Portfolio - Computation of expected return & standard deviation of a portfolio 

12. Systematic & unsystematic risk computation

13. Practicals on Portfolio Rebalancing Strategies 

14. Mutual funds - Return computation for investor 

15. Sharpe ratio vs Treynor ratio vs Jenson Alpha

16. Bonds - Computation of duration 

17. Computation of ED & MD

18. Bond refunding decision 

19. Formula oriented sums on Hybrid securities 

20. Factoring